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Dominance is a game, which takes us to an unknown realm between the worlds of fascination and reality. It is a game of power, of words, of rituals and gestures, giving our feelings free rein. It allows us to let ourselves go, to abandon our daily lives for a short time and leads us into an intriguing world of unknown depths.

The facets of SM are complex and diverse. Many of these aspects we may not understand, although they reflect our inner-self. We desire to experience and feel this inner-self with every emotion and with every inch of our body.

Despite the fact that my work is also a rendering of services, I'm inclined to become acquainted with my 'playmate' during a preliminary conversation before our game, so I can observe and assess him. Only then can I decide, whether or not we are suitable for one another or whether I should recommend another Lady, or perhaps invite another Lady to join us! 

My game proceeds smoothly and reflectively. You will follow my steps and voice Nevertheless, what then happens will surprise you. Even quiet tomes may lead you effectively. Every smile could be a deception, to allure and entice, but also to humiliate, bring you on the edge of no escape!

The man with a devote and/or masochistic disposition is a fragile plaything, which must be handled with caution. And yet you will have the stamina and strength to withstand the array of my desires and dominance. Even if I allow you a recess, you should not misinterpret it as a weakness.

However, keep in mind that as a man, you are merely a slave, whom I mould and form.

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Telephone: 0174 / 5171342

Location: Berlin


  • Bondage
  • Role Play

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