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I’m Mistress Winnifred from Amsterdam

As a mistress I am specialised in fulfilling fantasies. Soft as well as hard BDSM sessions are possible. I enjoy both. The sessions take place in my own SM studio in Amsterdam. On my website there are clues that I have played outdoors. That’s a delight. But always in a safe location. If you know such a location, I find it marvellous to play outdoors. Please be aware that something like that requires more time, and that I will need to charge more hours. I take pictures and make movies, I have an extensive network of people who can help me in a number of ways. Also, I speak several languages (Dutch, English, German, Spanish) and I like to travel as well. Surprise me with a fantasy I haven’t heard yet. It’s very nice for me to figure out how to tackle that, and to surprise you.

As a Mistress i also give workshops and clinics, privately or in groups. Furthermore, I know a lot of people who can make all kinds of things (personal and made to measure), and I have experience with shops and the quality of their items. So don’t hesitate to call me and ask me what you would like to know. I have difficulty with just a simple question, like ‘how does a session go?’. I am spontaneous, so every session will be different. To illustrate, there are some stories on my website to give you a feel of the atmosphere.

Finally, BDSM is not sex! It is a pity if you think that. It is in fact so much more than just a simple quick orgasm. It is about the feeling, and the searching and finding of the sensation that you need, or may need. That can be achieved in many ways. How I do that differs every time, because no two people are alike. BDSM is a specialism, not something to be taken lightly. So if you think: yes, that’s exciting, but what do I want then? Don’t think. Just come over and I find out, or if you prefer, we will find that out together. If you have no BDSM experience, then the above probably doesn’t make sense to you. Many have tried to explain BDSM in words. That doesn’t work. You really have to experience this for yourself.

BDSM is always together! I can’t do it alone, at least you have to be open for a new experience. If you just lie on your back with your eyes closed, and not show me how you feel or if you like something, then I can’t do anything. I do know that people are not used to show their feelings, not even to their own partner, it seems. A lot of people find this difficult. I can understand that, and I am also able to help you with that. It’s also not only about pain. Forget what you see in the media. Just whipping hard is not BDSM! Even if you are very experienced and you are into pain, then there still must be a solid buildup. It doesn’t come from out of nowhere, and your limits are always considered.

Previously I wrote that marks and bruises are not necessary, but of course that does apply for people who do not want that. Also in a harder session that is not necessary. Know-how, right?  But if you want to, then you really make my day. It’s marvellous to have a hard session with someone who enjoys it. Playing with someone who loves pain and knows how to handle it, is something that makes me very happy. I am very good in mental and physical tortures. There is nothing more enjoyable than making a piece of art with needles and scarving. Caning is also a versatile activity. I have a lot of them, which I can make wet before using them on you. Mummification, what do you think about cupping, electro, and a strong bondage. Before you know it, you are tied and there is no way out. As your Mistriss its My pleasure to hear you beg for mercy, and I keep you waiting on whether or not I will grant it.

Mistress Winnifred

Website 1:

Email 1: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Telephone: 0031-6246 92 683

Location: Amsterdam


  • Latex
  • Leather
  • Lingerie
  • Outdoor Play
  • PVC Fetish
  • Shopping (Personal Shopper)
  • Whipping

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