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As a well respected Disciplinarian with over 20 years professional experience, I specialise in providing good old-fashioned domestic discipline and work based corporal punishment to consenting adults in need of a safe release from the stresses of everyday life.

Being very passionate when it comes to discipline, I have taken the time over many years to perfect my disciplinary skills. My sessions are always conducted according to a strict code of personal ethics and professional standards.

I am a strict but fair lady, I am maybe a little old fashioned but I believe when boys/girls have been disrespectful or rude, then it is best for a short sharp shock. Sessions are conducted in my own home.

My role as a Disciplinarian is clearly defined and it differs from that of a traditional BDSM style Mistress. I don’t offer a full range of services more typically offered by my illustrious colleagues.

My sessions revolve around classic themes of corporal punishment, traditional domestic and scholastic style punishments and figures of authority discipline.
My clientele are disciples of mild through to the sterner end of receiving corporal punishment. I’ve introduced many newcomers to the wonderful benefits of discipline over the years. Naturally I have an extensive range of traditional Implements of Correction to use on ‘naughty bottoms’, which enable me to tailor a session to suit your individual needs.

Whatever your level you will find me highly approachable and very understanding.

Feel free to contact me should you have any questions about my services or if you would like to book an appointment.

Domestic Discipline Sessions
When you enter my threshold you’ll step into a world where the values of etiquette and good manners are the byword, instilled with the sting of the cane.

For those of you looking to re-live your chalk dust memories, I provide domestic discipline and corporal punishment for naughty adult boys and girls. Caning, strapping, paddling and over the knee spankings are my specialties, as can be attested by all those who have enjoyed the experience of receiving correctional direction under my tutelage!

Being naturally dominant I truly enjoy taking on the persona of your most feared Punisher. Whether it’s the strict Headmistress, no-nonsense Landlady, Probation Officer, Works HR Manager, Lady of the Manor, you’re Aunt Jennifer, mummies best friend or any other figure of authority you care to mention.
An in depth discussion will always precede your session, so I can gain a greater understanding of your needs. Our discussion will also serve to allay your fears and calm most nerves. It will enable you to gain more confidence in me as well as affording you a better idea of what to expect throughout your session.

As with all personal appointments, prior to the session I’ll discuss with you your individual needs, previous experience, expectations and limitations in order to tailor a session that will not only fulfill your own needs and desires, but will also ensure total enjoyment on the whole, and ultimately a memorable experience for both yourself and more importantly ME!!.

Whether you’re in need of a caning (mild or strict) or an over the knee spanking in the comfort and privacy of a genuine domestic environment, I assure you, every aspect of administering discipline and corporal punishment is supremely enjoyable to me. Many of my clients travel from all over the UK  as well as some from various destinations in the rest of the world to visit me. None leave disappointed. I promise you that I will truly relish turning your bottom rosy and listening to your howls of anguish. If you’ve been let down before you’ll find I deliver.

I respect all limits and a ‘safe word’, if required, can be agreed upon prior to your session commencing. Paramount is my aim to provide a professional, discreet and tailored service to suit you so that you feel you’ve received an experience to remember. My understanding of your needs for security ensures your satisfaction.

I do not provide sexual services such as hand relief, body worship or sex, and I do not disrobe in any way. I offer a genuine professional disciplinary service with the themes for my sessions revolving around traditional roles such as domestic, scholastic, prison or employment style scenarios. I’m happy to enact your favourite fantasy providing it’s within the realms of the services I provide. You may have a favourite school scenario you wish to re-enact, or any one of a dozen other scenarios that involve corporal punishment that you’d like to experience. Feel free to discuss your ideas and fantasies with me. I look forward to hearing new ideas and enacting different or unusual scenarios as presented by you. Indeed, there have been many interesting and creative ideas given to me over the years, so don’t be afraid to discuss your ideas with me when you make contact! I provide a safe, private environment with the cleanliness of my premises and disciplinary implements a priority.

ALWAYS:  Safe, Sane & Consensual.

Remember: I do not offer any sexual services of any kind, and will be offended if you even mention it. So don’t!

Relive your Chalk dust Memories…

Miss Eleanor Sullivan, Headmistress, selecting a nice swishy cane shouts, “BOY/GIRL, kindly stand up and convey yourself smartly out to me. We shall soon find out, once you are across the desk, if your regard for me is all you say it is. Somehow I doubt it, but Miss Sullivan’s cane may be able to elicit if you are truly sincere my lad/lass!”

You come out somewhat slowly and understandably reluctantly…

Miss Sullivan calls out at the top of her best shouting voice, “I didn’t tell you to CRAWL out. Have some backbone boy; you have felt this cane before now. I would have thought you would have been falling over yourself to feel the caress of Miss Sullivan’s cane once more. Believe you me, you are about to feel a good few of her caresses – and not of the loving variety either!”
You stand facing her, trembling…

“Right you impudent boy/girl, BEND OVER! I have some questions to ask between strokes.

For instance the first question is – Just who do you think I am boy? You may tell me the answer after I have given you two strokes – once you have caught your breath that is. Yes… this will take some time I think. As we are trying to find out just exactly how you regard me!”

Does the thought of facing Miss Eleanor Sullivan, Headmistress, and her cane send a tingle up your spine?

How about the idea of spending ‘a little corner time’ between sets, just to give you a little time to reflect upon your sins…

Or is the idea of ‘toasty fingers’ the one that resonates with you? If so, it seems to me that you had better make your way to Headmistress sooner rather than later – and don’t forget your note!

I’m probably best known for my role as Miss Sullivan, Headmistress, conducting strict school fantasy sessions. Indeed, there have many a naughty adult boy and girl who have faced my cane, strap or tawse over the years. And I’ll bet they never forgot the experience!

Naturally my collection of schoolroom disciplinary implements includes a wide selection of canes, Scottish tawse, English straps, ferules, convent straps and rulers along with a cupboard full of nasty surprises for the most recalcitrant student.

Your ‘Visit to Headmistress’ is tailored to suit your favourite school discipline fantasy. An in depth discussion with me will always precede your session, so that I can gain a greater understanding of your individual needs. Our discussion will also serve to allay your fears, and calm most nerves. It will enable you to gain more confidence in me as well as affording you a better idea of what to expect throughout your session.

Supervised Detention Class

If you’ve attended one or more of my personally supervised Detention classes you will know first-hand just how cruel and demanding I can be!

Perhaps you are in need of such a strict, old fashioned punishment, hmmm…? If so, and you find yourself booked to attend one of my personally supervised Detention classes, I suggest you steel yourself for a gruelling experience of a lifetime. The lesson will begin with you presenting yourself at my door, freshly scrubbed from head to toe, immaculately dressed in school uniform, armed with school pencils, ruler, pens and writing material. You will not dare be late; otherwise you’ll be hauled inside by the ear and bent straight over the stool for 6 of the best as punishment for your first mistake.

Once across my threshold, you will be subjected to a strict uniform inspection, and I warn you, it had better be perfect! After inspection I may decide to place you in the corner with hands on head for a little contemplation before you begin your written imposition. Or I may decide to commence the lesson with a little spanking to warm your cheeks before you sit. In full view at all times will be an assortment of straps, paddles, hairbrush and canes laid out ready to punish hands and buttocks for every infraction and breach of Detention Rules. Naturally ‘Sister Patrice’ will be placed in position, ready for you to bend over if necessary. Make no bones, the session will be harsh and if warranted, the discipline severe. The imposition I will set for you to complete during your Detention will be a serious punishment specially set for naughty adult boys and girls and designed to keep you well and truly occupied! You will be pushed to your limits with one or more tedious, difficult and monotonous tasks! Be warned! These are not frivolous exercises. You will not be set something of a titillating nature – these are traditional, onerous scholastic punishments. You may receive a copious quantity of written lines, a tract of a dull textbook to copy, a lengthy essay, or a difficult and tedious written exercise to complete.

All students attending personal Detention will be given a written imposition to complete, and will be subjected to my strict Rules and Regulations which will be enforced at all times throughout the Detention. When you have completed your written imposition I shall check your work and award you accordingly! Whether you receive a gold star or a spanking or 6 of the best, is totally dependent on how well you have presented your work along with your performance throughout the Detention period.

Be warned, you may find yourself thoroughly spanked or caned and stood in the corner for part of your Detention if I think your behaviour warrants it especially if I catch you gazing out the window instead of working. And of course under my watchful eye, you’ll have to be extra careful not to make mistakes on the page as I will be ripping out the entire page for you to start all over again!

Just think, while you’re inside toiling away over a tedious assignment under my supervision your cronies will be off enjoying themselves. Won’t that be fun?

Personally supervised Detention lessons are better suited to a 2 or 3 hour period. At least a week’s notice is required for all personal Detention lessons.

It should be noted that for those in the City wishing to travel by train, there is a direct train link from London’s Victoria St. Station, and she is literally but a few minutes walk away from the local train station.

Website 1: http://www.misseleanorsullivan.co.uk/

Email 1: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Telephone: 07712570828

Location: Margate


  • Caning
  • Corner Time
  • CP (Corporal Punishment)
  • Hairbrush
  • Lingerie
  • Over the Knee Spanking
  • Paddling
  • Punching
  • School Scenarios

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