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Spanking for Behavior Modification

The key to a proper Behavior Modification through spanking = TOTAL CONSISTENCY. Just like training a puppy, when the rules are broken, a Mistress must administer proper punishment as soon as possible. The further the punishment is (in time) from the bad act, the weaker the association and the slower the improvement.

For the man to understand, the spanking has to be uncomfortable. A Mistress needs to create consequences harsh enough so that a man takes the problem seriously. A few timid love taps won’t do it. Many Woman, that are not professional mistresses, do not deliver the goods! It really IS for his own good.

Some men with low pain tolerance will respond with punishment that calls for a designated number of spanks per infraction. Other men, with a higher threshold usually require that a good Mistress punish them ’til they start acting contrite and/or plead for you stop. It is often not until this point that a man starts to release his defenses (or his cockiness) sufficiently to admit to himself that he really did do wrong and should admit to his Mistress that he knows what his faults were.

Spanking Positions

Get the spanking you deserve with Chicago Mistress Bella Sultana

Over the knee (OTK), feel My strength and power as I position you over My knees for your spanking.
Tied to My Dungeon’s Spanking Bench, or just over My Dungeon’s spanking bench. Shall I punish you more if you move?
Standing with your ass out. Arms bound behind you. Suspended in My dungeon by the winch. I will have you slightly bent, or really bent, depending upon what you need. If you don’t keep your ass ready, I may have to ratchet up the winch, or add to your spankings. Do you need a spreader bar to widen your stance. Let’s see how much fun I can have with you.
Standing in My Dungeon Stocks, you’re definitely not going anywhere to avoid the spanking you have coming! Couple the stocks with bonds and brace yourself! Think spreader bar…
Over My lap
Lying prone, often bound so that you cannot escape your spanking
Bent over, when you are bent over, you may feel even more humiliation, or do you? I may have to expore that with you.
Under My arm
Through My strong legs
Kneeling over some piece of my dungeon furniture, on your hands and knees
Over My shoulder
Diaper position, a particularly humiliating position for you.
Tied to a tree or pole, inside My Dungeon or in a safe area outside


Website 1: http://chicagomistresswrestler.com/

Email 1:

Telephone: 773.609.5465

Location: Chicago - Downtown


  • Anal Play
  • Bondage
  • Caning
  • CBT (Cock and Ball Torture)
  • Chastity/Key Holding
  • Confinement
  • Corsets
  • CP (Corporal Punishment)
  • Flogging
  • Heavily Scripted Scenarios
  • Latex
  • Leather
  • Nipple Torture
  • Spanking
  • Verbal Abuse
  • Water Sports
  • Whipping

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